Cryonassian is an Extraplanar Entity whom Jerinar calls with gate via her Truename.



Jerinar once visited the sunken city of Sakkors. The city was full of the dead, drowned bodies later reanimated by a shard of the Shadow Crystal. Even though young, unseasoned adventurers they were, there was a palpable aura of despair around that place. This was the perfect place. And so Jerinar did as he often does: he watched. Scrying through time and space he patiently waited until he found what he was looking for – a sorrowsworn.

The one he finally met turned out to be exactly what he was looking for. Cyranossian was in life, the wife of a Nethrese wizard, and tutor to the children of wealthy merchants. On the day of Karsus’s Folly, as any other, she was at the home of a merchant. When the magic holding the city aloft broke, panic erupted. The sinking feeling of falling caught all within the walls. It landed in the water with a great splash sending near-tidal waves far into the sky. The city began to sink in the water as Cyranossian ran home to her husband and children. There, she found her children banging on their bedroom door, begging their father to come out and care for them. When Cyranossian broke in, their father was gone. Cyranossians handmaiden, instead, sit in their bed, naked and crying. As she felt the cold water around her ankles, she felt nothing but sorrow. Sorrow that her children would not live but another few moments. Sorrow that her husband had been unfaithful. As her home sank and she saw the glinting of the sun through the water above her window, she also felt sorrow that the beating to death of her handmaid with the clock on the nightstand brought her no solace.

As the centuries passed Cyranossian forgot why she returned to this place of all the sorrow-filled haunts in Faerun. Many places had seen more death, more tragedy than this fallen Nethrese city. This one just had something…different. Special. Delicous. The sorrow here was unlike anywhere else. Here, she also had solitude. Only the dead and the undead wander here. She was surprised, as you might expect then, when a living man appeared before her, offering a sign of peace. Jerinar offered her a deal. While most sorrowsworn will serve a mortal in exchange for drinking the sorrows from their mind, Jerinar knew that his sorrow would never taste as good as Cyranossian’s own. Instead, he offered to reveal a bit of her own history to her each time she serves him. In this way, she will get to relive the moment that broke her so much she came to feed on this emotion.

The Dark Companion she summons is always in the form of the woman she murdered or one of her children that she left to drown.


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