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Jasmin, ascended to a Planetar of Mystra


Jerinar was born second to his older sister, Jasmin, in Arabel. His mother died during his childbirth, and his father died a few years later, leaving Jasmin to care for her baby brother. Not of age yet herself, they begged in the streets and barley survived the first winter. As the weather got too cold for them to stay outdoors any longer, Jasmin offered her services to the local church of Mystra in exchange for board for herself and Jerinar. As she spent more and more time working in the church she began to pick up the habits of the clerics there, and they eventually asked her to join them. During his younger years, Jerinar and Jasmin were very close – she was really like his loving mother.

In their time at the Church of Mystra the clerics had already begun training Jasmin before Jerinar was spirited to Myth Drannor. Jerinar trained with her but he was not as promising a student as Jasmin. One day she saw her mentor Tobias speaking with a strange elven man in the lobby. They spoke in hushed tones so she does not know what they said but she knows what was discussed – that strange elven man introduced himself to the children as Feralissui and offered Jerinar the chance of wizardly apprenticeship. Jerinar was eager to please Jasmin and so agreed to study under the strange elf. He left the next morning leaving Jasmin feeling empty and lost. Tobias reminded her that Jerinar was finding his own way into the weave, and that she can always be close to him if she gives her heart fully to Mystra. Jasmin saw the wisdom in this advice and agreed to join the clergy.

At this point her tutelage changed from a way to pass time into the focus of her life. She studied the history of the church, the creation of Mystryl from the magic embodied within Selune and Shar – and understood then the difference between good and evil. Selune was willing to sacrifice a piece of her own soul to stop Shar’s destruction throughout Toril. The result created the Weave – a thing of beauty and magnificence, and Shar fights only to stamp it out. Bitterness and jealousy are her motivations, and Jasmin found them quite petty. She learned of the fall of Netheril and Karsus’s Folly, where for a moment the weave was destroyed, and of Mystryl’s total devotion to his weave as he sacrificed himself to save the Weave and create Mystra as its protector. Mystra was a guardian of the weave, and so Jasmin would be as well.

Her combat training began. Now – to understand this story you must remember her beginnings. Jasmin came to the church to help them with chores, including cooking. After her short time on the streets of Arabel Jasmin understood the threat of more powerful men and their weakness, willing to hurt others for simple things like money or physical pleasure, so Jasmin routinely carried a kitchen knife in her boot. The church taught the use of the mace, and it was the day of her first spar with another student – Rokal. Rokal was a headstrong boy, and always self confident. The two fought until finally Rokal smashed Jasmins shield to bits with a powerful blow. He then overpowered Jasmin and had her pinned. Much to his surprise, the judge declared Jasmin as the winner. When he turned in disbelief he saw the knife held at his hip. From this point on Jasmin tried in this mace and the knife, learning to use the two in concert with one another to throw her enemy off guard and more quickly dispatch them. She dropped the kitchen knife in favor of a straight bladed Kris, using it like a dagger for piercing attacks and control of the opponents weapon.

It was not long after that she was finally ready to be inducted to the clergy of Mystra. The night was a glorious one for her, and she felt as though the world was at peace, despite the distance between herself and Jerinar. Despite never meeting her parents. Tobias was right – Mystra was what she needed to fill that empty space in her heart. As the sun began to set Tobias began to explain to Jasmin what would happen tonight. He didn’t need to – she had known since she was a child and saw the ceremony the first time. As soon as the moon was visible in the sky, she could not speak a word aloud. To honor the sacrifice that Selune had made to create magic, the only words Jasmin had tonight would be between her and Mystra, and they did not need to be vocalized. The clerics would cast a spell on Jasmin that would grant her flight for as long as the stars lit the sky. It was a night for her to truly wash herself in magic, to feel its presence – to express her love to Mystra in the most personal way. As the priests began incanting the tone that would grant her the Starflight a dark skinned man walked into the room and stood at the doorway to watch the ceremony. The people in the room payed him no heed, though it was strictly forbidden for any non-initiated clergy to enter the room. She was bound to silence, however, and so said nothing but a mental prayer to Mystra asking to learn who this man was.

The night was beautiful. She soared through the clouds seeing wonders that one could only dream of without the gift of flight. Flying over the city of Myth Drannor, watching over her brother. She flew through mountains and saw monks training much as she has. She even saw one of the fabled winged elves soaring through the sky with his love. The stars aligned to form constellations that nobody outside of the Starflight would notice. The entire world was reshaped to a thing of perfect good and beauty, a magical night and promise of what she would find in Dwoemerheart should she ever be required to give her life in defense of Mystra.

Just as she was bound in silence during the night, so she must remain silent about what she saw that night. The Starflight is unique for each cleric, and nobody would understand what she saw anyway. It was now her own private sanctuary, a time and place she imagined whenever she kneeled in prayer to Mystra to prepare her spells upon waking each day.

The next day, Tobias came to her early. He presented her with her first mission, an escort. The strange man who had been at her ceremony the night before was heading to Myth Drannor and he had requested specifically that she was among the party he traveled there with. They set out that morning, and as they rode the man introduced himself to her as Telrick. “Truly you are your mother’s daughter, little one.” He spoke to her as they ate dinner. She asked Rokal to leave the two (as he had been assigned on this mission as well) and began to ask the strange man about her mother. He told her of her beautiful fair skin, about how she passed during Jerinar’s birth, about the look on her face as she said goodbye to her family. This is when he revealed that he was in fact her father. The two spoke non-stop the rest of the way to Myth Drannor, that is, until arrows were let loose upon them. “Wait! I’m Mor’Megil!” Telrick cried, but it was too late – Rokal had dove in front of Jasmin to take an arrow for her. “I go happily to the embrace of Mystra’s realm” were his final words. As he whispered these, the elves dismounted from their positions, understanding their mistake. “Mor’Megil! I would give you a thousand apologies but I understand they would not be enough. We were hunting a party of drow raiders, it was dark and we didn’t realize…” The elf was suddenly interrupted by the firing of crossbow bolts into the group of them. A handful of the elves died instantly, and the drow descended upon them with ferocity. The battle was going overwhelmingly in favor of the Drow. Telrick seemed to be fairing well, but not well enough, and now the leader of the raiders had set his sights upon Jasmin. Luckily, Telrick was able to defend her. After the skirmish they finished their trek to Myth Drannor. She had hoped to visit Jerinar on this trip, but she could not bring herself to see her brother on this visit after losing her friend. As soon as Telrick had made it into the city gates, she turned her horse and went back to Arabel.

Sensing what distraught the adventure had wrought upon her Tobias decided to keep Jasmin close for a short while and began to teach her the rite of the Magefire. It was a ceremony she had seen often before, but usually was only preformed by the highest ranks of clergy. He told her, though, that he knew her heart was exactly what was required to perform this rite. The fire is only a single aspect of the rite – its main focus is to cleanse and renew the participant. It was the last step of atonement in the church of Mystra – where the participant is wreathed in flames of blue magic, providing a feeling of warmth and ease – making the task of the ritual master easier. It is the master’s job to coax the evil out of the atoner and let it be burned in the Magefire, destroyed and never to plague the atoner again. In order to do this, however, the master must earn the trust of the atoner in order to have him tell his darkest secrets. Tobias trained her, taught her how to ferret lies and ease their worries. He began teaching her how to perform the ritual but had not yet finished when Telrick returned from Cormanthor.

He first greeted Tobias, who gifted him with a ring and a mirror that he had been expecting. When he and Jasmin were in private he put the ring on and asked her to look into the jewel, where she saw a stamp of a hand in black. "This my daughter, is who I truly am. You fought bravely in that skirmish outside Myth Drannor, and the clergy here speak so highly of your morals and abilities. I want to invite you to join us. We are an organization that does not exist, a secret protector of the people of Arabel. We are known as “The Black Hand”. Many of the greatest Achievements of our city-state have been not by the steward’s hand but ours. We are not restricted by the social stigmas or orders of greedy men. We are free to do what we know in our hearts is right for everybody. Join us Jasmin, and together we can make our home a better place." And so she did. She learned, when learning of the history of the black hand, of the council and of her fathers position of leader and tie breaker in the votes. As she was brought into the fold of The Black Hand, so did she continue her training with Tobias. Finally, she had mastered the ritual, and could wreathe a man in holy – non-harmful – flame. The flame would consume any evil fed into it, however it will only take what is given to it freely.

Normally, the flame would only be used inside the church, as part of an elaborate ceremony given only to those who have already dedicated their lives to the good cause of Mystra. Jasmin, however, was still young and as always a firm believer that she knew right from wrong. Why restrict such a beautiful gift as this? A second chance? So, she gathered the required components, and brought them with her on her first official black hand mission. The leader of the Traders – Jason – had discovered that an abandoned warehouse was not in fact abandoned, but being used to smuggle children in who would be sold as sex slaves to nobles. She, Telrick (though other black hand members called him Mal’ganis, she continued to use Telrick), Tobias, and boy her age who seemed to be always playing with a coin broke down the door to the warehouse and caught them in the act of a trade. Before anybody could speak, Jasmin pushed to the front – disgusted at the blatant evil being practiced here.

“You would sell an innocent to buy a piece of lavender cloth that will be out of style in a fortnight! How despicable have you become? How decadent! There is suffering and hardship all across the lands of Arabel and you find yourself here, contributing to the taint that plagues our lands? I have made a vow to the Godess Mystra to purge evil wherever I may find it, and so I will.” With this she attacked. As she fought she looked around the room and saw one young man who was tending to the children shuddering….crying. Her tutelage under Tobias had paid off! “You!” She spoke to him in a commanding yet accepting voice. “You favor the words I speak. You understand that evil can not not be allowed to continue, yes?”. “Yes! I never wanted to do this! My brother threatened me!”, and a smile came to her face. “Worry not boy. Life is difficult and mistakes can be made. Amen rakath lit marinas!” With these incantations glorious blue flames wreathed the man. “Tell me your mistakes and Mystra will burn them away. You will be free to start again – at the church. You know how to see right from wrong. They will give you the strength to enforce it.” The man spilled his guts to that flame, and the assassin, Tobias, and Telrick watched as the inky blackness spewed from the mans mouth and was destroyed in the Magefire. The man was brought back to the church, where he would eventually join the ranks of the Purple Dragon Knights.

“You see, Tobias, we cannot look only inwardly if we truly wish to please Mystra and protect the weave. Our hearts must be there for all to share.”

Jasmin before her death


Jasmine Onyx

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