Nysris The Apostate

Ghazneth Prototype / Lover to Tobias / Betrayer of Cormyr


“This childe of men, lette her bodie nourishe this tree.
The tree of this bodie, lette it growe as it nourishes. The spirit of this tree, to them lette it return as it grewe.
Thus the havoc bearers sleepe, the sleepe of no rests. Thus the sorrow bringers sow, the seeds of their ruine. Thus the death makers kille, the sons of their sons.
Here come ye, Nysris the Apostate, and lie among these rootes”

This is what the runes on a solitary tree in a grove in the King’s Forest read. They were carved in High Wealden, an elven language that has fallen out of use save the rare High Magic ritual – so few have the knowledge to translate them. For over a decade did the body of Nysris lie beneath this tree – exhumed from her grave and buried by the same hand that carved those runes with an ordinary dagger – the hand of Nalavarauthatoryl. The elf who before our eyes transformed into the beast known as the Devil Dragon.

Nysris was the ideal test subject. Little was known of her background, prior to her arrival in Arabel as a young girl. She came, by no known means, under the care of a man named Jacen – who not only raised her, but made her a member of a secret organization known as The Black Hand. The organization, focused on furthering the position of Arabel – and extending its reach eventually to Suzail and Marsember, did not provide for Nysris in the means she desired. It offered wealth, but tempered for the furthering of their goals. It offered prestige, but tempered to only members of the group itself. The girl had dreams of being a fair maiden of the city – not simply the ward of a wealthy merchant.

This is why she fell sway to the suggestions of a priestess of Mystra – one who suggested a course of action that would grant her control of the Black Hand. She followed the priestess’ instructions, luring the noble Tobias into her web as well. It was only as the preistess drove a dagger to the girls heart that she revealed her true form – that of a cleric to Lloth – smiling as the life left Nysris’ body.

The treacherous Nysris nearly brought the black hand down with her greed and impulsiveness, and so Nalavara granted her the title of the Apostate – assuming the ritual was successful.

Successful it was, as the hand of Nysris clawed through the ground and met fresh air for the first time since her corpse had been moved. The corruption of the Tree of the Body had been successful, restoring Nysris to life as the first Ghazneth. Infused with abilities which mimic Nalavara’s own, she was a clay doll ready to be molded into Nalavara’s strongest weapon against the Dalesfolk who murdered her beloved.

Nysris was, however, in fiendish life as she was in mortal, only concerned with her well-being, prominence, and wealth. While the dragon had a horde, Nysris could not spend it. Could she spend it, there would be nobody to see her adorn the jewelry. Oh, how she disdained this life as much as the last.

When Nalavarauthatoryl was attacked by the Purple Dragon – Thauglorimorgorus – for her alleged tresspassing on his territory – Nysris took the opportunity proving her newfound title, and fled the Stormhorns back into Arabel. Surely, Nalavara’s plan to build an army of goblins and orcs will come to fruition soon, and the stirring of Thaulgor poses a threat to the nation as well. Nysris will come to them, offering help – not because she bears a hatred towards the dragons. Not because she bears guilt towards the humans. Merely because it is here, in defiance of these beasts – in the eyes of the citizens – that she can win the adoration she so desires.



Nysris The Apostate

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