Gatekeeper Crystal




Gatekeeperís Crystal
is a tremendously powerful artifact. Each of
the three component pieces is a powerful magical item in its own
right. Together, they create a weapon that can render nearly any
being or fortification powerless for an indefinite period. All invoked
powers are active as long as the bearer concentrates on the artifact
and performs no other action except moving at a slow walk (half
movement rate). It is possible to simultaneously invoke and maintain
different powers, if available.
Any being touching any of the three pieces of the arti-
fact is immediately made aware of the direction or directions in
which the other two pieces may be found, assuming they are on the
same plane of existence or in the same crystal sphere. If one or both
other pieces are on another plane of existence or in another crystal
sphere, the bearer is simply aware that the piece or pieces are not on
the current plane of existence or in the current crystal sphere.
When the three pieces of the
Gatekeeperís Crystal
merged into a tripartite star, the bearer can invoke numerous powerful
effects. Every round, the bearer can create a dead magic zone or a wild
magic zone with a 50-mile radius centered on the artifact. The bearer
immediately becomes aware of any
or other magical portals
within 50 miles and can activate or deactivate any
within range.
The touch of the tripartite artifact to any creature or item immedi-
ately returns it to its plane of origin. This power has no effect on crea-
tures or items native to the plane on which the artifact is currently
In addition, any two pieces of the artifact can together create a pow-
erful effect. When activated, the first and second piece together can
strip priests, paladins, or rangers within 50 miles of all their granted
powers and spellcasting abilities. The second and third piece can
together strip any wizards or bards within 50 miles of all their magical
and spell-casting abilities. The first and third piece deprive any undead
within a 50 miles of their connection with the Positive Energy Plane or
Negative Energy Plane, if any. All lost abilities are regained immediately
once the affected being is outside of the 50-mile radius.
Separately, each piece is powerful as well. When activated, the first
piece nullifies all necromantic or necromancy, alteration, and
enchantment/charm magic within a 50-mile radius. The second piece
nullifies all invocation/evocation, conjuration/summoning and illusion
magic within a 50-mile radius. The third piece nullifies all divination,
abjuration, and enchantment/charm magic within a 50-mile radius.
The artifact was primarily created to bring down wards, including
mythals and other powerful protections. If the three pieces are sepa-
rated and the artifactís power activated, it permanently nullifies any
mythal, ward, or other protective magics partially or wholly within
the triangle formed by the three pieces after triggering all of their
effects. This includes, but is not limited to, all spells from the school
of abjuration or the spheres of guardian, protection, or wards. This
power of the
Gatekeeperís Crystal
manifests as a blazing beam of pur-
ple energy that visibly connects all three pieces. All of the magical
energy held within the wards and mythals encompassed is released
in an incredibly powerful explosion equivalent to a
that does
10d6 points of damage (1d6 points of structural damage) per spell
level released to everything within the triangle. In addition, the explo-
sion unleashes an earth tremor that can be felt up to 1 mile away for
every 100 spell levels released.
Whenever any power of this artifact is employed by any
creature other than the Gatekeeper, there is a chance that the pieces
of the artifact will scatter across the planes. If a power requiring a
single piece is employed, there is a 5% chance that the piece teleports
randomly within the same plane of existence. If a power requiring
two pieces is employed, there is a 25% chance that one piece teleports
randomly within the same plane of existence and that the other piece
or pieces shift to another plane of existence, selected randomly If a
power requiring three pieces is employed, this probability increases
to 50%. If the final power is employed to bring down a mythal, one
piece always teleports randomly to some location within the area of
effect and the other two pieces each shift to some other plane of exis-
tence, selected randomly

Gatekeeper Crystal

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