Keryvian was crafted by the archmage Demron before the fall of Myth Drannor, and is considered the greatest of his series of Baneblades. The blade was used by a thief to kill Demron, hence the name “Demron’s Bane”. Keryvian’s blade glows with a blue fire when drawn, which is light enough to read by, and the hilt bears the likeness of a blue dragon with “teeth” clutching the blade. Only a capable warrior of good heart may take up Keryvian. Like all of the Baneblades of Demron, Keryvian is a powerful magic sword that is imbued with holy energy and that is particularly effective against outsiders, undead, and any evil-aligned creatures, “burning” the life (or unlife) out of them.

Keryvian is imbued with properties that make its blade magically keen, allow the wielder to jump and fall gently over large distances, and allow the wielder to set a magical proximity alarm. The sword can reflect back magic cast at it or its wielder.

The sword can be commanded to “guard” and will wait until anyone who is not the owner touches it, at which point it will begin attacking this individual and making a very loud singing noise.



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