Light of Tymora's Love


Light of Tymora’s Love
+8 lucky keen eager blessed rapier of brilliant energy (with crystal of greater return)
Int 10
Wis 17
Cha 17

Bless 3/day
Faerie Fire 3/day
Cure moderate wounds 3/day
Status at will
Purpose: to defend the interests and servants of a specific diety (tymora)
Dedicated power: +2 luck bonus to attacks, saves, and checks

Imbued with a fragment of Tymora’s Personality, this weapon was crafted in the future by Jerinar Onyx and given to Wasp in preparation for his eventual return to a time before the existence of Tymora. It will allow him to remain a chosen of the deity in times before her ascension and after her death.

Note: this needs forgemaster enhancements as well.


Light of tymoras love

Light of Tymora's Love

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