Staff of the Time Lord


+5 Flying Sizing Quarterstaff of Impact (Lesser Crystal of Return)
Made of Adamantine
The following spells cost 1 charge per Spell Level:
Meld into Sand
Wall of Sand
Sand Blast
Transmute Stone to Sand
Transmute Sand to Stone
Transmute Sand to Glass
Choking Sand
Halo of Sand
Whispering Sand

Can be drawn as free action
Can call weapon from up to 30 feet away as move

Ignores first 20 points of Hardness
Darkvision 60ft, Lowlight Vision

Medium: Slam 7, 1d66, Large: Slam 10, 1d89, Huge: Slam 14, 2d612
Gargantuan: Slam 20, 2d815, Colossal: Slam 30, 4d618
Crit on 19-20

Djarmmis Instant Summons active
Custom Item, Hardened @ CL 25
Fly speed 30’
Hardness: 32
AC: Medium 14, Large 14, Huge 13, Gargantuan 12, Collosal 11
HP: Medium 40, Large 80, Huge 120, Gargantuan 160, Collosal 200


Timelord s staff

Staff of the Time Lord

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