Vyshanti Spellbattle Ring


Vyshannti ring

Set with the house insignia of House Vyshaan these rings give the ability to dispel certain
spells. The wearer is made aware of any release, casting, or exercise of any magic or spelllike psionic power occurring within a 120-foot spherical radius of the ring. The general
effects of all such power releases (fiery-attacking spell or shape-transforming spell, for
example) are identified to the ring-wearer. The wearer can choose to dispel a spell cast
within range or to change its target. When the ring is told to change targets, the new target
gets the chance to save vs. spell at -2 to avoid the ring’s effects. Failure means the new
target takes full spell effects. This changes control of the spell to the ring wearer. Success
means the ring dispels the magic instead. This is also what occurs if a charm person or a
similar spell is hurled back at its caster. A caster can’t be made to turn himself or herself to
stone or addle his own thoughts, but the spell cast is instead wasted. Combat spells, such as
fireball and lightning bolt, can be turned back at their caster.
The ring can affect not only cast spells, including spells that have been activated by a
contingency or other trigger, the ring can also effect magical item discharges and psionics.
The ring always successfully dispels magic when commanded to do so. A maximum of three
spells per round can be affected. The ring gives its wearer no protection against additional Page | 81
spells; it only identifies all spells cast in the area of effect. This allows the wearer to choose
the most harmful to deal with.


Vyshanti Spellbattle Ring

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