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  • Jerinar Onyx

    h1. Original Backstory Jerinar was born second to his older sister, Jasmin, in Arabel. His mother died during his childbirth, and his father died a few years later, leaving Jasmin to care for her baby brother. Not of age yet herself, they begged in the …

  • Alesia Huntcrown

    The Huntcrowns are a Cormyrian noble family based out of Suzail. She was the youngest child of the Earl in her family. She wouldn't get to know most of the rest, however. Alesia was born in 3 DR. Ondeth Obyskar sat as Steward to a nation that had not …

  • Dalren Dlardrageth

    _Dalren in his true form_
    After the fall of the Vyshantaar empire the forests of Siluvinade (present day High Forest and …