House Rules

House Rules

Cormyr Rising is currently a D&D 3.5 campaign with the following house rules applied.

1. Wizards can spontaneously cast damaging spells similar to how clerics cast cure/inflict spells. This allows the wizard to focus his memorization slots entirely on utility and not have to worry about dealing damage.

2. Init is rolled, then combatants declare their actions from lowest to highest. Highest init acts first, allowing them to see what everybody else is going to do before they decide on their action. Lower inits must perform their declared action unless it has been rendered impossible. In the case of individuals that can make perform multiple actions such as individuals with multiple attacks, they declair what their first action is then follow the prevously stated init rule. Then after each person has performed their action then each person that has multiple actions then go through the Init procedure again until everyone is out of actions. Then the procedure repeates for the next round.

3. LA Buyoff is not allowed.

4. Spell Resistance is handled differently.

  • On a spells with no damaging effect, spell resistance is treated normally.
  • On spells with a damaging effect, spell resistance is instead treated as Damage Reduction. This DR does not stack with other sources of DR unless that DR comes from an Epic or Divine source.
    • If the spell has a secondary effect, a normal SR check must be made to apply it.
      • Any logical numerical factors are furthermore reduced by the same percentage as the damage was reduced.

Example: Wizard casts a spell on monster that does 50 damage with a Reflex save for half. Monster has SR 25. Monster takes 25 damage (no SR Check) and makes his reflex save – taking 12 damage.

The spell has a secondary effect that slows the creature for 20 rounds. The wizard makes a caster level check and gets a 28, successfully breaching the creatures SR. The slow effect is applied, but since SR reduced his damage by a factor of 50% (from 50 to 25), the duration of the slow is reduced by the same factor – from 20 seconds to 10 seconds.

New Spells

Level 1

Age Drain
Bribe the Fates
Burst of Haste
Detect Temporal Anomoly
Precognition, Defensive
Precognition, Offensive
Prescience, Offensive
Slow Metabolism
Sudden Slowness
Temporal Sheen
Temporal Shove

Level 2

Defense from Aging
Delay Damage
Delay Spell Effect
Last Sight
Repeated Actions
Sands of Decay
Second Chance
Suspend Object
Temporal Anchor to Item
Time Distortion Cube
Time Leap
Vision of Youth

Level 9

Time Skip

  • All Summon Sandform Creatures are part of the chronomancy school.

House Rules

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