Cormyr Rising

Black Fire Burns in Arabel

Game 1

Trodok and Jerinar meet, and a dichotomy in The Black Hand starts a fire in Arabel and destroys the temple of Mystra.

The game began with Jerinar and Mal’ Ganis in their tree house in King’s Forest. They were attacked by several mysterious assailants – a few hounds and men with black robes with gold embroidery. During the battle, as Jerinar shoots his longbow at one of the attackers his bow string snaps and cuts him in the face. The wound would leave a scar. Mal’Ganis Falls but due to the timely arrival of Tradak Ironhouse, Jerinar survives.

Tradak explains he was sent by The Black Hand and had orders to bring Jerinar to Arabel. The two bury Mal’Ganis and rush to Arabel as Tradak explains that Mal’Ganis was the head of this organization. He identifies the embroidery of the attackers as belonging to The Black Hand, and is unsure why they would betray Mal’Ganis – but is sure the answer is in Arabel. He believes his master, Seth, would know the answer.

When they Arrive in Arabel, they locate Seth and Tobias. The two members of the Black Hand Innter Council explain to Jerinar and Tradak what is going on. Jerinar’s sister – Jasmine Onyx – started a rebellion in the black hand. Tobias explained that he was not sure why Mal’Ganis had never told Jerinar of The Black Hand, as he had been named as the next heir. He surmised that Jasmine had Mal’Ganis killed – and attempted to have Jerinar killed – so that she could take the leadership for herself.

Tradak sensed that violence was in the air, and decided he needed to arm himself better – so they went to his blacksmith shop. On the way they are ambushed by a monstrous lizard creature. Tobias lures the lizard creature to him and casts a sanctuary spell to keep him at bay – while the lizard creature claws at the edge of the spell, Jerinar and Tradak sneak past to his shop where Tradak kept his armor.

Equipped, they flee into the sewers and head towards the Flying Dragon Inn which is the seat of power for the Black Hand in Arabel. Knowing that there will be heavy guard there, they start a fire on the other side of town to distract as many as they can before they descend into the sewers. As they exit the sewer there are a handful of guards at the top. The group kills them – infuriated by the betrayl. From a hidden alleyway they spot Jasmine directing a group of soldiers to set guard patrols. Tobias urges them to kill Jasmine from the shadows and not give her the chance to bring her guards to bear.

Jerinar ignores Tobias and marches with Tradak directly to her, gathering words to express his fury and confusion about why his loving sister would betray their father – who they had thought lost – for power. Instead, she slaps him and starts screaming about his betrayal and how he murdered her father. Jerinar’s rage turn to utter confusion, when he turns to ask Tobias he is gone. Jerinar and Tradak then realize they have been betrayed. Tobias and Seth had misled them. With Mal’Ganis dead – and the dichotomy resolved, Jerinar was now in charge of the Black Hand – and his first order of business was to find and execute the betrayers. The monstrous lizard from before appeared from the shadows, but this time bowed his head and introduced himself as Sampson. He carried with him the head of Seth, and explained that Tobias had taken up a defensive position in the Church of Mystra. In an effort to deceive him, Jasmine is bound and presented to Tobias and the cleric whom he hid with as a prisoner.

The ruse is successful, and while they were distracted Sampson ambushes and kills them both. Everyone is surprised to see when Isabel dies that the illusion hiding her true nature is broken, and she reverts to the form of a drow.

During a search of her quarters in the church it is revealed that the drow have infiltrated Arabel in an attempt to sabotage their relationship with the elves of Cormanthyr. The church of Mystra was inadvertently destroyed in the process ((Seriously, who puts self destruct buttons on churches??)) and half the city was burned to the ground by the fire that was lit as a distraction.

At the day’s end, Jerinar is now the head of the Black Hand and he’s got quite a mess to clean up. Tradak has proven himself incredibly trustworthy – but they still doubt the intentions of the other inner circle members.


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