Cormyr Rising

No Rest for the Weary

Game 2

Tradak and Sampson investigate rumors in Tilverton while Jerinar deals with matters in Arabel.

(Same day as Game 1)

Later that night the inner circle of The Black Hand was called and at the Flying Dragon Inn. Jason tells Jerinar that the future of this kingdom is in his hands, and that he is the leader of the most powerful organization in Cormyr. The lands are in shambles, however, and it will take a lot of blood, sweat, and sacrifice to elevate it to glory. The previous ruler, his wife, and his son were all murdered recently. The Church was destroyed, and 1/3 of the city was burned that night. All of the influential landowners had named Mordain Bleth as steward until a king is pronounced.

Jason informs Tradak that he’s found a lead on his missing uncle at Tilverton, and there is a report of questionable activities in the area. Jerinar dispatches Sampson and Tradak to check it out. The two travel North to Tilverton and are ambushed by drow in the night. Sampson kills them and they find that the drow have captured or killed everyone in the town. There were in the process of planting goblin bodies in the street to make it seem as if they had attacked and not the drow. Tradak find’s his uncle’s shop and finds evidence that he may have not betrayed him as he thought. They follow the trail and find the entrance to the underdark and a drow encampment. They fight a drow patrol and an illithid, all of which Sampson easily dispatches while Tradak helps. His uncle, however, has been enthralled to the illithid, along with several other innocents. Tradak kills him out of mercy, frustrated about gaining no resolution about his past, and returns to report what he found. On the way, however, they are approached by Mal’Ganis who explains that he is, obviously, alive and well. He had placed a ring of regeneration on his toe, knowing nobody would know to look for it. He states that they need to keep their eyes open and trust no one. He asks them to keep it a secret that he’s still alive, and commissions five specific blades from Tradak.

Meanwhile, in Arabel, Jerinar receives a letter – from Mal’Ganis, explaining the same things as he told Tradak and Sampson. In addition, it provides the location of a Nether Scroll – hidden within a candle mount in the Library of Arabel. He explains to Jerinar that he should read it and protect it with his life. Jerinar find’s the scroll and begins studying it that night – the Arcanus Fundare. Jerinar begins to learn much about magic from the scroll – more than his previous master ever taught him. Even as he skimmed it, he could see that most of the materiel was far beyond his comprehension. However, the scroll seemed to want to show Jerinar something in particular – the Chronomancy school of magic.


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