Cormyr Rising

game 3

bleth sommons the nobles and the improtant people in the city for a announcment
he united marsember and arabel in an agreement for a trade of food for a perminate military presence and protection on land and sea
he commisioned the privateers in suzil to form the royal navy of cormyr
he moved the noble seat of power from arabel to suzil and commisioned the contruction of a new castle in suzil
he gave the church of tymora permision to build in both arabel and marsember
he drafted all the slaves in corymr to be trained into blacksmithing, stone masonry and carpentry after all the civil projects were completed they are free
cerinth travels to the plains in cormyr in search of his mount. He finds a horse which is killed by a white dire tiger which chooses him as his master
modrain bleth is killed by elves after his men started deforesting parts of cormanthor. The black hand covers it up and blames orcs.
ondeth relunctently agrees to be a stewart of the crown until a sustable king can be found
jerinar starts tutoring Faerlthann
mal’ ganis returns and tells the party they need to go into the underdark to stop the drow threat and to bring the sword that truduk had made


saethone saethone

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