Jerinar Onyx

Founder of the War Wizards / Chosen of Labelas Enoreth / Aspect of the Sands of Time


Jerinar level20
Jerinar ~lvl 20

Jerinar lvl3
Jerinar ~lvl 3

Title Source
First Assistant of the Leader War Wizards of Cormyr
Chosen Labelas Enoreth
Aspect of the Sands of Time Labelas Enoreth
?* Ba’Etith
*Jerinar’s exact involvement in the Ba’Etith has not been determined at this time

Original Backstory

Jerinar was born second to his older sister, Jasmin, in Arabel. His mother died during his childbirth, and his father died a few years later, leaving Jasmin to care for her baby brother. Not of age yet herself, they begged in the streets and barly survived the first winter. As the weather got too cold for them to stay outdoors any longer, Jasmin offered her services to the local church of Mystra in exchange for board for herself and Jerinar. As she spent more and more time working in the church she began to pick up the habits of the clerics there, and they eventually asked her to join them. During his younger years, Jerinar and Jasmin were very close – she was really like his loving mother.

Jerinar was amazed by his sisters ability to do simple things like create light and purify water, and tried to mimic her in an attempt to impress her. He was never very faithful, however, and so he turned to a member of the church who had spent some time studying the arcane manifestation of Mystra’s weave. Quickly, he was able to master several cantrips. Seeing how easily the manipulation of the Art came to Jerinar, the preist sent word to an elf he knew in Myth Drannor, offering a capable apprentice. The elf had, luckily, just released his last apprentice, and accepted – despite the fact he was human (much to the disgust of many elves). Thus Jerinar came to know Feralissiu.

Jerinar moved to Myth Drannor and studied under the enigmatic and quite eccentric Feralissiu for several years…he found it to be quite a frustrating experience. It wasn’t the difficulty of the subject – Jerinar proved to be quite a capable spellcaster. It was merely the teacher. Feralissiu was, first of all, extremely secretive. This didn’t upset Jerinar quite so much as it drove his curiosity. In addition, he was extremely lazy. Jerinar was often frustrated by Feralissiu’s unwillingness to do anything for weeks at a time. He would simply lounge around his home, play his lute, and read poetry. Jerinar found this to be an extreme waste of time, but he eventually found a use for it.

The use came in the form of his first love – Suris. At about the age of 14 he was studying his spellbook outdoors and saw a beautiful elven girl practicing her archery. Being 14, and thusly full of lust, he went to her, picked up an extra longbow, and began firing arrows (quite terribly) towards the target. The two talked, and Suris agreed to teach him the fundamentals of archery. “Being an archmage will do you no good once someone cuts out your tounge.”, she affirmed. And so, during Feralissiu’s downtime Jerinar learned archery and pursued his affection towards Suris – although his love was never realized. Being a human, she explained to him, meant that she would live centuries longer than he. She would not allow herself to love a human and be doomed to a fate of early widowing. Still, the two became very close friends.

Early on in his time at Myth Drannor, Suris mentioned to him that a strange human had entered the town. She said that even the elder elves gave him a slight bow of their head as he passed. Suris herself had no idea who he was, and Jerinar thought at first it would just be another bit of passing gossip, but later that day he realized he would remember that conversation the rest of his life. The man eventually found his way to Feralissiu’s home, and introduced himself to Jerinas as father. Telrick, as the man was called, explained that he had not in fact died of plague when Jerinar was an infant as he had been told. Instead, he had left on a journey – though no amount of prying would reveal to where. Jerinar was troubled by this a bit, but he was used to secrets, being under the tutelage of Feralissiu. From that day on, his father would come to visit him often. Always checking his progress, offering advice on life, etc. He taught him his profession of cartography, and spent a great amount of time talking about Jasmin.

Still curious as to the nature of Feralissiu’s secrecy Jerinar eventually decided to investigate. Though it was strictly forbidden – probably by death – Jerinar broke into his study one night, where he found scrolls that explained it all. His master was a member of the necromantic Cult of the Dragon. Jerinar was abhorred, at first, to learn that he was the apprentice to a necromancer. However, the next day, after seeing Suris and being rejected on account of his short lifespan yet again, he realized that Mystra had done him an enormous favor. Back in Arabel people had begun listening to the teachings of another god – Tymora. Fortune favors the bold, she said, and so Jerinar would be bold. He confronted Feralissiu, and threatened to expose him if he did not share with him the secrets of necromantic casting. Feralissiu reluctantly agreed and Jerinar began to delve into the depths of necromancy.

Soon after Jerinar had learned the basics of necromancy, Feralissiu suddenly dissapeared. He waited around for weeks and he never returned – never sent a word. Jerinar, frustrated at the sudden roadblock, decided to move back to Arabel. It was there he had the best chance of studying his occult practice without notice. He vowed to Suris that he would return when he was good enough for her, and headed south.

Act 1

During Act 1 Jerinar learns that his father, Telrick, is known by another name among certain people in Arabel – Mal’Ganis. He is the leader of The Black Hand. Of course, Jerinar only discovers this as Mal’Ganis fakes his own death and hands leadership of the organization to Jerinar. During this time, he befriends Tradak Ironhouse (a member of the Black Hand), Cyrinth, and a freed drow slave named Wasp – who is later invited to the Black Hand. He meets Desmond but never really befriends him – seeing him as a useful tool and rival for Mal’Ganis’ affection. Van is also invited to the Black Hand by Jerinar, though the relationship between them was tumultuous – usually with a heavy dose of suspicion. Jerinar only wished to keep him close to catch treachery before it was too late (in the end, this sort of worked).

Jerinar also is given a Nether Scroll and begins to learn chronomancy – manipulation of time magic. He sees this as a preferable alternative to necromancy and begins studying this in stead in the attempt to prolong his life. He also returns to Myth Drannor as a hero, uniting the two nations of Cormyr and Cormanthor. In reward, he is betrothed Suris, who is happy to be his bride after being convinced he will achieve a way to stay by her side for life.

Jerinar Onyx

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