Kali Falar


Calimport To Evermeet 1375

I am told I am a dragonborn. I was in a unusual position from most slaves because I was often more cunning, quick witted, and fast learning of what is usually expected of my kind. I was also much shorter than other dragonborn, even other females.

I spent much of my youth working with the guilds beggars, burglars, con artist, pickpockets, smugglers, and the black market.

I was very proficient at any task that I was given even in my youth. I was often left to be the head of a heist or left to my own devices to handle a given operation.
Once I reached a certain age, I was commanded to begin new training and tasks as a more integral part of the black market. Seeing I was very capable in trade negotiations and completely willing to take advantage of others without guilt, I was also tasked with setting up in new deals with local settlements. My deals often contained terms that included the enslavement of their population unless these unreasonable terms were met.

Occasionally ran into Belinay. Always on good terms.

Once it was shown I had complete loyalty to my duties, I was tasked with performing some duties for the guild in the plane of fire. I was being mentored and assisting a member of our black market to move some goods to our city and start new trade negotiations with some of the city of fire more known merchants and craftspeople, but they need me as a new and younger face that some of the more bold and overconfident merchants there would underestimate.
After I had been taught about the City of Fire’s way, I was ordered by Fatima to kill my mentor and begin taking over for his duties.

During my duties I ended up starting dealing with the most well known and renowned artificer in the city of fire, Tradak Ironhouse. Tradak had a different way of dealing with all things then I have encountered before in my life. Most people will use every resource to get as much profit as they can out of it. Many crafts people will even sell poorer quality pieces for more than they are worth. Tradakhad a trait that I had never seen before, integrity. The way life had always been to me is the strongest, most cunning, most willing to take advantage of others; was the most powerful and the ones who survives. Tradak defied this whole notion, because not only was he the most sought after weapons artisan but considered a very powerful and dangerous individual person that others were not willing to take advantage of normally.

I was informed of this by my predecessor many times before and that my predecessor felt he was running his with Tradak short and Tradak was starting to show signs that he did not want to work with my predecessor any longer.

Once I had taken time to view my predecessor interactions with Tradak and seen where Tradak was disapproving of the dealing with my predecessor, I choose to not make the same mistakes. The main issues with this was, Tradak always wanted a fair deal in some form. I started to realize it was not always monetary and that in some instances he only cared that the pieces he was making were going to be used for their intent and for quite some time. There were many leaders in our city that coveted a weapon forged by his hands, however Tradak would never forge a piece for any of these people due to his work going unused. This was a challenge I felt I would easily overcome. It was a challenge I was required to overcome, because it was why the person before me was replaced and why I was the one who was required to kill him. This way I would remember the price of failure, the price I was to pay unless I succeeded.

My first encounter with Tradak on my own as the new liaison to fire city, was well met. I was only being mentored for a short time before I took over my new position. Tradak did not even seem surprised that I he would be dealing with me as the liaison to Calimport. He seemed to almost enjoy the new face. I knew that my first goal was to complete a deal with Tradak where my predecessor had failed.

Tradak did not hesitate to act in his normal manner and haggled to fair pricing with me on all deals. This continued each day until I ran into the requests for weapons that had already been denied, as well as a group of them I was sure would be denied because of the nature of those who were making the request. I was still required to successfully barter these previously failed deals or use other means to acquire what was demanded.

During one of my dealing, he handed me a sealed letter to be delivered to Fatima. After which, I was instructed to train a few others in dealing with the merchants and craftspeople of Fire City. I was unsure if I was going to meet the same fate as my predecessor. Once I felt their traning in how to deal with the locals was completed, I was given guards and was instructed to the the sole liaison to Tradak.

Thankfully I had a record of all these requests in my hands now and not all of them had been rejected; from what I considered the requests that were most likely to be rejected. I handed him the request I thought for sure would be rejected no matter what was done in the exchange and stated my first offer, but he did not give his normal give mannerisms when he was rejecting a request or an offer, and took the offer at an undercut well below its actual worth; he didn’t even bother to barter after he read the sealed request paperwork. The request was for an Onyx Shotel, included in the request was a sealed box with the mark of Shar on it. From what I could tell it was just going to be for a priest sons that was too busy plotting in their temple instead of actually doing the causing of loss their god demands. I did not want to press my luck any further, because one success with so much profit; was good enough for me when dealing with Shar. Tradak also expressed a new mannerism once we agreed on the deal and almost seemed unfocused after the presentation of the offer. I thought it was strange considering he didn’t much care for Shar in his stories. He also requested that I not come back to make a trade for a while because he had to have special focus on this recent request.

Because of my “promotion” I usually ended up having duties that were on a much lower risk level then I am use to dealing with over the past few years of my life.I ended up being assigned to basic duties like dealing with local merchants, cataloging new inventory, assigning tasks, and filing paperwork. I had a very cushy life as a slave at this point. I lived as closely to a noble as one could at my social class.

During my times of slowly completing a deal a day with Tradak, I tried to build a long working rapport with him. I also took the time to gather as much information I could from other sources about his history and relations.

I slowly began to realize that there was something given to me on what was my first trade from group of requests that I was sure he would refuse. That he wanted something from me. He would continue to talk to me about how dealing with others in a fair manner that all profit from is the best solution for everyone. He would talk about his past and giving people of all kinds freedoms and the right to live without slavery. I had a lot of time to think about what he had said after he took that last request. I would come across new inventory all the time that was the result of my previous dealings. I saw the faces of people and creatures that I had sold into slavery myself at the requests of my masters. I realized he was making another sacrifice for this good he spoke of when he took that request. I remember what he said about the Onyx family. I didn’t understand what it meant, but I did know it was something he was obligated to do. I started to realize I have this life for a very special reason and it was a gift from helping others and not just taking from them. I now saw how much I took from others to get what I want. I saw the lives I took from people, the hate in some of their eyes, because they knew I was the one who instrumented their enslavement. I saw how much I took from others to get what I had now. I saw it was wrong.

It was during this time I had interactions with Belinay on an external level.

I was soon after my paradigm shift that Tradak requested that I begin my interactions with him. I knew in most situations I would not be able to talk to Tradak about what I had done and how I felt about it now, but there were special requests in some orders that required that no one other than Tradak and myself the liaison be present. I told how how I saw what I have done and what my masters has done is wrong. I told him about everything that was being requested of him, my activities, and what plans I know of the future of Calimport. Tradak asked if I wanted out, to which I replied I did. I did express that I wanted to free all those I had harmed. Tradak said that will come with time. I was told that a series of event and instructions will be given to me that I must follow to escape.

After my next couple of visits, I had been given my instructions to have a piece from the fire plane with special requests to have it delivered to Kendrick Mortimer. When I got there Kendrick already had equipment set up with disguise and fake papers for evermeet. There were also the bodies of a dragonborn that looked like me.

Here I met Belinay again. In the request was to assist another person that is escaping Calimport as well.

Befriend Kendrick.

Arive at Evermeet

Met Dunman and Deularla
We wandered into a tavern where the bar keep and bar maid befriended us.
The maid and barkeep noticed that Belinay and Kendrick were very out of her comfort zone so their approach was subtle and slow. I greeted them knowing and sensing that they were of no danger and receiving information that they were safe made our group feel comfortable with them.

A few days after we arrived, suspicious Calimshan traders came looking for us, both Dunman and Deularla covered for us thinking this must be the reason we were always so reserved.
The assassins that posed as traders saw Belinay and made chase. As a result Dunman and Deularla become directly involved by helping Belinay fight off the would be assassins.
One of them is killed in the scuffle and the other made a clean break.
Thinking that they achieved victory Dunman and Deularla resume normal activity without questioning us.

A short time later a message was delivered to bar stating that they had one week to produce Belinay or suffer the wrath of House Basadoni.
Dunman and Deularla speak with Belinay about the letter at which point Belinay completely tells them about her past. I follow suit and do the same.
Dunman and Deularla offer to help Belinay and myself, then relocate to Cormyr

I choose a new name, Kali Falar.

I had information about buyers in Evermeet hat I sold the tavern to well below the value which only provided with enough gold to travel to Baldur’s Gate. I actually had arrangements to provide additional cover to our departure for its value, making sure that we got it’s worth.
On the way to find a ship that would take the three to Baldur’s Gate Basadoni henchman ambush the three and take them aboard their vessel
We boarded their ship and we all managed to escape in the dead of the night thanks to Deularla. I took all paperwork I could find in order to create fake information to mislead our pursuers.
Before leaving the rest take a small chest filled to the top with gems and set fire to the vessel.

That morning we secured a passage to Sword Coast and made port in Baldur’s Gate

In Baldur’s Gate while waiting for Dunman to secure a passage with a caravan to Cormyr Belinay witnesses a ranger by the name of Korbin Theron save mother and her child from an attacker. I could see a change happening in Belinay. The same kind of struggle that I went through,

We spent a ten day in Baldur’s Gate

During this time while Belinay spent almost every day with Korbin, I was busy getting to know local history, merchants, guilds, the functions and structure of one of these free cities. Learning that the potential that each one of these people to be free and more power than an army of slaves that fought loyally for their freedom, was something that the old masters had gotten wrong. They can have as many loyal slaves as they, because like Belinay and myself did, their slave army can just leave their service.

Korbin accompanied the caravan with us most of the way to Cormyr before heading north to the Graypeak Mountains.

I could see a major change in Belinay. This was good, because my initial worry about her was changing with her new outlook on life.

After arriving in Cormyr they made way for Suzail where I watched Dunman exchanged the rest of the gems to make the necessary arrangements to acquire a new start in life. I always did this to pick up on new customs and learn new connections in life.
With his connections in the purple dragons Dunman was able to help the processes of securing an adventuring charter. These charters were definitely something that would give us the power to use who we are as a force to do something positive and make a positive image for ourselves in the process. A way to make a new home where we protect those that we want to protect us as well.
As a demonstration of their new friendship and bond Dunman and Deularla agree that Belinay will hold the charter.

From Suzail we made way to Eveningstar where we would make the home of the newly founded Six Splendid Swords.
We settled into Eveningstar with very little effort with the purchase of the Tankard the community welcomed us as the new owners.

The first job was a simple job mostly
Hired by leaders in Redspring a town north of High Road halfway between Arabel and Eveningstar. Redspring borders both The Helmlands and The Redwoods
The town complained that first livestock were going missing
Then children started going missing
After some investigation and tracking the group found that a band of goblins were to blame
They had made came deep in the Redwoods and would attack livestock and children that ventured too close to the edge of the forest
This was the first time that Belinay came into contact with goblins. I have seen them a stock in the past.
Belinay started to develop a disdain for goblins because of what they did to the children. I knew the creatures were just this way because of where they come from. I have seen and worked with some of their kind that were not so brutal and aggressive.

The goblins were separated into manageable group sizes through different tactics and eliminated
All though Dunman’s tactics were sound the execution was less than ideal
The remains of the children were returned to the townsfolk
Part of the reward money was given to the affected families.

Aroland Swiftwind had been tracking the same band of goblins from the east starting at Slingdyke
He arrived in Redspring shortly after we departed and he was informed by the town folk that we resided in Eveningstar
Aroland approached the group about their exploits in Redspring and determined that the groups views and goals aligned with his personal goals
Belinay was apprehensive about Aroland at first but soon noticed that he had similar qualities that were shared by Dunman, Deularla, and Korbin.

She was beginning to enjoy her new life and the ability to make her own choices
A message came from High Horn Keep requesting that the Seven Splendid Swords look into random bandit attacks along a caravan route leading to Eagle Peak
Seeking to further the relationship with the Purple Dragons the Seven Splendid Swords excepted
After arriving in Eagle Peak in was easy to determine that only caravans approaching from the South were being attacked.

The group traveled through The Stormhorns keeping a close eye on the route from Skull Crag to Eagle Point, no bandits were found during this initial travel
After arriving in Skull Crag the group was able to determine that caravans were passing through about every ten day or so
Dunman, Deularla, and Aroland back trailed through The Stormhorns and found a likely spot of ambush
Belinay stayed in Skull Crag to join the next passing caravan

We left and members of the Seven Splendid Swords including myself, had also determined that this would be a perfect location to ambush the caravan. So we were ready for the counter ambush. I made sure to put plenty of my experience of ambushing caravans in my youth into this.

The group was able to fight off the attack and none of Fendadus’ men were lost
Fendadus expressed his extreme gratitude for the aid of the Seven Splendid Swords and pledged his services to the group should they ever require them

The group then followed the bandits tracks back to their camp
There were four times as many bandits waiting there than that that attacked the caravan
The group decided to wait until it was completely dark and ambush the bandits camp

Something unexpected happened during the attack
One of Pasha Basadoni’s men was leading these local bandits
The man leading the bandits is called Abdullah Husain Currish
This sudden appearance forced Belinay an myself to fall back for fear she would be recognized.

Deularla pursued the man noticing Belinay and my withdrawal.
Abdullah used some sort of magic to evade Deularla and escape the area
The rest of the bandits were defeated and those that survived the encounter were escorted to High Horn Keep

Upon returning to Eveningstar Deularla questioned Belinay and me about our withdrawal.
We explained that the man that was leading the bandits worked directly for Pasha Basadoni.
Deularla and I recommended that Belinay and my self change our appearances to draw less attention and avoid any informants Basadoni might have in Cormyr.

With the help of a potion I was able to change the way my scales, skin and eyes looked.
I spent time making a fake background and introducing myself to the locals under my new name; creating new connections with the merchants and being more extroverted and friendly in the city.

Before Belinay returned to Eveningstar; a man by the name of Mathew Whittaker needed help because his son Tobin needed a place to live. So we took him in for protection. I had a feeling this was no accident and I knew there was a shroud of protection that followed the child.

Mathew provide a large amount of gold coins in order to compensate for taking the boy.
The gold was split evenly. I invested saved small amounts of my money in a stock to get a ring that will allow me to change the way I look at any point. The rest went into the infrastructure of the Seven Splendid Swords.

The manor is which Mathew conducted himself did not surprise me. The guy might have know this was the best choice or he might be a fake father.

I knew who Tobin was right away. I knew this was my chance to help pay back those that I owe my current outlook and life to. I would help protect the Onyx’s.

He had an innocence that she wished all children could have
He did not share in the tortured life style that was all too common for the children of Calimport

I knew what was with Tobin. When others started to take notice I would occasionally suggest something logical to draw attention away from it.

Belinay brought a situation where he fell down some stairs to Dunman and Deularla’s attention but they both dismissed it as over analyzing the situation. I explained he might have received some protection of a priest that day or another favor of something in nature.

Kali Falar

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